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Exploring the future with Atom Change Lab

Change means development. Even for us at Atom Collab.

We live in a time of rapid development and change. To survive and grow, businesses, organizations and people need to adapt and change at the same speed. Only then can we remain relevant, successful and employable in the future. And we have decided not to guess, or for that matter rush into solutions. We have therefore initiated partnerships with companies, researchers and stakeholders who have valuable insights and grounded knowledge.

A space for exploration

Change Lab is Atom Collab’s exploratory space where, through dialogue with our customers, partners, researchers and other stakeholders in society, we create projects, initiatives and development of innovative solutions and products with the aim of creating benefits for society, organizations and people. The Change Lab is the starting point for those who want to explore the future and create, change and make a real difference. Here we give you an arena for collaboration and dialog where you can join us in shaping tomorrow. The idea is that through collaboration with different actors and companies, we will transfer some of the insights to actual projects.

Ongoing projects in the Change Lab

Skills are the “new currency” of our time, with people looking for ways to build on future skills to stay relevant in the labor market. In the “Talk about Skills” series, we have started a dialog with various learning and development professionals to help each other on this journey that we have interviewed and filmed, discussing the importance of having a learning culture, power skills and leadership.

Power Skills

Dialogue and sharing of insights where 12 senior leaders in learning and development meet in four sessions. The focus is on how the rapid changes in the world around us affect the development of leaders and employees. During the sessions, we will delve into and discuss what is really required of us to meet the rapid developments and challenges of the future – with a focus on skills, learning and development and strategic competence provision. We invite guests and researchers to share their knowledge on current topics.

Power Skills

Together with researcher Maria Sundström (Karolinska Institutet) and the production company Local Glimpse, we run the project Power Skills. We aim to strengthen the ability of society, business and individuals to manage change by developing the necessary Power Skills. If you want to become a pilot company to strengthen the future capabilities of leaders and employees РContact us.

Ongoing projects in the community

Umbrella - Communication tools for protection and support

Paraply promotes the right of children to grow up free from sexual violence and abuse. Through our ongoing fundraising, which supports the creation of a digital tool, we can jointly facilitate communication between children and adults to prevent sexual abuse.

Read more about Umbrella and the ongoing project:

Starting a project in the Change Lab

The Change Lab is a creative network where visions can become reality.
partnerships and successful projects. Do you have an idea for the future
learning and development, contact us to see if it could be of interest to you.
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