With our consultants at the helm, your organization will be transformed.

You can rely on our consultants who have broad experience in HR, technology, learning, diversity and inclusion, communication, IT and change management. We analyse your organization’s needs and challenges and work closely with you to deliver results.

Become a learning organization

A learning organization in practice is about the interplay between learning leadership, technology and behaviours. Let our experienced consultants take you from strategy to action.

We have dedicated consultants with extensive experience in strengthening and developing learning organizations. Our goal is to help you create the basis for a learning culture and structure where employees feel encouraged to continuously improve and share their knowledge with colleagues. By engaging our experts, you can accelerate change that delivers tangible results.

Our consultants conduct a thorough analysis of the current situation and together with you formulate a vision, a strategy and concrete activities. We help you visualize the strategy in presentations that facilitate internal communication with stakeholders and key decision-makers. We are your partner and your sounding board all the way from the current situation to the implementation of changes.

Creating a learning culture

Do you want to create a learning culture where employees are inspired to adopt a growth mindset and make development happen every day? Engage our consultants who have extensive experience in initiatives that strengthen the learning culture.

A learning culture where trust, openness and reflection are key daily behaviors is shown by research to increase well-being, innovation and productivity. It also makes your employees stay longer.

We review your organization’s existing culture and identify what you need to do to make the learning culture happen in practice. We use the questions why, what, how, when and who to formulate a strategy and concrete activities. Together with you, we develop a solution and a packaged concept ready to launch.

Ecosystem and learning platforms pre-study

Do you want to create a common digital space where you seek knowledge and develop every day? Our pre-study and evidence-based survey takes the pulse of the learning culture and structure of your organization.

To develop as people and organizations, we need to be able to easily, flexibly and quickly update our skills and share knowledge with each other – both physically and digitally. Whether you already have existing systems where you want to integrate learning, or you are considering a learning platform, we can help you make the right decision.

We carry out a current situation analysis where we identify needs, existing learning, systems and environment that will help you face the changes of the future. We combine our technical expertise with our understanding of learning and development to develop an optimal strategy and activities for your target audience. We support you all the way, from planning to implementation and follow-up.

Project Management & Change Management

Whether you need to get a project off the ground or need support in implementing a major change in HR or IT, you can rely on our experienced consultants. We help you identify obstacles and opportunities to succeed in your mission.

Today’s rapidly changing world is constantly creating new complex challenges for organizations. Our dedicated team of experienced consultants will ensure that your journey from plan to execution is a well-managed and efficient process that achieves set targets.

We ask you the right questions to ensure the right strategy, planning and activities to create a good foundation and provide you with the right support throughout the project. Our diverse expertise in areas such as HR, technology, and change management allows us to tailor solutions that fit your organization’s unique needs.

Our process


Current situation analysis

We take stock of where you are today and identify obstacles, opportunities and needs. We take a closer look at your vision, strategy, resources, frameworks and existing systems and methods. We set up a project team, examine the needs of the target group, conduct interviews and carry out a GAP analysis. This allows us to get a clear picture of the current situation and your specific needs. The deliverable is an analytical and substantiated recommendation in presentation format.


Future plan

We formulate a clear objective and an overall activity plan. We clarify which competencies are required for a successful change and together create a motivation plan to ensure that all target groups are on board. We help you visualize the solution in presentation formats that help you present to stakeholders and key decision makers.


Activating learning

Depending on where you are in the change, we will help you implement a pilot test, design a digital space or create a concept that activates new behaviors. Whatever we choose as a common way forward, we will conduct a test and follow up and adapt it for implementation throughout the organization. We also support you in formulating a communication and launch plan for different stakeholders and target groups across the organization.

0 %

employees stay longer in your company if you invest in their learning and development.


times more revenue per employee if you invest in creating a learning culture.

1 %

development initiatives involving independent learning are linked to sustainable well-being.

1 %

higher innovation capacity when you have a learning organization

Closing the learning gap so your business can grow

We have extensive experience in equipping organizations with learning and development solutions. We offer a range of services and tools to help organizations, leaders and employees evolve with the world’s rapid changes. Whether you need strategic advice, innovative products, a learning culture or help designing training, we are here to support you.