We make learning happen for people, organizations and society

Learning Agency

We offer tailored consulting services and learning and development solutions to help your organization keep up with the world’s rapid pace of change.

Change Lab

Together with our customers and partners, researchers and other stakeholders in society, we run innovative projects in learning, development and technology.

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employees stay longer in your company if you invest in their learning and development.


times more revenue per employee if you invest in creating a learning culture.

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development initiatives involving independent learning are linked to sustainable well-being.

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higher innovation capacity when you have a learning organization

Closing the learning gap so your business can grow

We have extensive experience in equipping organizations with learning and development solutions. We offer a range of services and tools to help organizations, leaders and employees evolve with the world’s rapid changes. Whether you need strategic advice, innovative products, a learning culture or help designing training, we are here to support you.


Our consultants have broad experience in HR, diversity and inclusion, learning, IT, project management and change management – a combination that creates the right conditions when you are facing change. We analyze your unique needs and ensure the right way forward.


Accelerate learning in your organization with our ready-made products. Use our survey to take the pulse of your organization or upskill leaders, teams, workgroups and employees with our ready-made micro-training courses that kick-start your company’s learning culture.


We design training concepts and produce training materials tailored to your needs. We combine digital and physical microlearning and campaign materials in a dynamic mix for optimal behavioral change. Our established learning concept, #learnability, activates new behaviors to strengthen your learning culture.

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Leading organizations choose to invest in learning and development

We are the obvious choice for those who want to make learning and development happen in practice for people, organizations and society.