PARKS & RESORTS - a journey of change towards a digitalized induction for seasonal employees

“Working with Atom has been incredibly fun, inspiring and educational. They are a professional and competent partner who is responsive but also dares to challenge where necessary. If you are facing an educational challenge or want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend working with Atom.”

Anja Ringdahl, Training Manager, Parks & Resorts (Gröna Lund, Kolmården, Sommarland and Furuvik amusement parks).

The client wanted to create a holistic employee onboarding experience that would feel similar to the brand and park experiences. The client wanted employees to feel the brand before the first day of work and wanted the induction to be fun, easy and valuable. By implementing a new digital tool and creating varied role-specific employee journeys, we created a modern and efficient experience.


Move from administrative, e-learning and classroom-based induction to a modern experience.


A digitally packaged employee experience in a unified preboarding to onboarding landed in the "Stage School" which is a learning journey that mixes digital and physical learning. Development of internal team and production of templates so the client could independently produce content on a long-term basis on their own.


Implementation of a new digital system with an integration of a Chatbot. Employee satisfaction increased by 8%, and time was saved on the administration and management of the induction of new employees. Reduced resource time for leaders thanks to the ability to ask simpler questions to the Chatbot.