Creating successful learning experiences

Explore our production department dedicated to designing modern and effective training concepts and learning journeys. Here we combine digital and face-to-face learning, communication, methods and technology to create training that not only engages, but also drives real change in your organization.

Design of training

We design and customize training and awareness campaigns that really make a difference. With our experienced team, we help you conceptualize and produce content that engages and reaches your target audience.

We take a holistic approach that includes both digital and physical forms of training to maximize impact and create the desired results. Our offer includes microlearning, e-learning and communication materials for training, internal communication and social media. From idea to final production material, we take care of everything – from text and design to production and implementation.

For us, it is about offering real value. Share your vision and ideas with us, and together we will shape a unique content and message that stands out and delivers results.

Concept development

Are you in charge of an initiative that needs to design a concept? We work with you to develop a visual package that shows how digital content, physical activities and communication content work together to reach your target audience.

Our approach is based on extensive experience in education design, communication content and behavioral design. We can help you kick-start a culture, create a great induction course, raise a key issue to increase engagement or develop staff on a specific topic.

Whether you need to design digital content, physical activities or communication strategies to reach your target audience, we work with you to create visual packaging and content that impresses.

At Atom Collab, we have a passion for turning ideas into reality. Let’s work together and give your idea, training or awareness campaign the power and creativity it deserves.

Concept of learning culture

Our established learning concept, #learnability, activates new behaviors to strengthen your learning culture. Starting with our flexible off-the-shelf solution, we tailor and adapt the brand and content to your organization.

Based on research and behavioral design with the aim of inspiring and stimulating new behaviors that promote daily learning in the workplace, the final concept is a combination of digital and physical microlearning aimed at leaders, employees and teams. The material can be easily implemented in different platforms such as LMS, LXP, Intranet or Microsoft Office 365.

We work together in brainstorming sessions, workshops and working meetings to adapt the concept to your needs. Because we work from a ready-made basis, minimal time and effort is required from you and your organization, and implementation and launch is as fast as you want.

0 %

employees stay longer in your company if you invest in their learning and development.


times more revenue per employee if you invest in creating a learning culture.

1 %

development initiatives involving independent learning are linked to sustainable well-being.

1 %

higher innovation capacity when you have a learning organization

Closing the learning gap so your business can grow

We have extensive experience in equipping organizations with learning and development solutions. We offer a range of services and tools to help organizations, leaders and employees evolve with the world’s rapid changes. Whether you need strategic advice, innovative products, a learning culture or help designing training, we are here to support you.