Democratizing learning for the workplace of the future

We see a future where all people and employees have access to learning and development, regardless of their location, background or role. We aim to make knowledge part of everyday life, accessible to all. This means working strategically, culturally and structurally, and with behaviors and technologies to make it happen in practice.

We understand our customers' real needs

We live in a time of rapid development and change – and are in the midst of a major transition where companies need to work on strategic skills management, upskilling and reskilling to retain employees. Human capital is the most important asset companies and organizations have. Therefore, we see that companies and organizations can contribute even more to the availability of skills in society by supporting and promoting people’s lifelong learning. It is about reinforcing and changing behaviors that generate business results, as well as giving people the tools to keep evolving with the changing world and remain employable.

How we do it

We aim to democratize learning by making it an integral part of everyday life, accessible anytime and anywhere, adapted to the unique needs of the individual. By combining our expertise in learning and development with insights into behavioral science, technology and business strategy, we create tailored solutions that drive both individual and organizational performance. Our approach is to integrate learning into daily work, to make it relevant and engaging, and to enable the individual to apply what they have learned directly in their work role. In this way, we ensure that learning and development is not just an activity isolated to a single course, but rather a continuous process that is part of the organization’s culture.

By focusing on human capital, we ensure that our solutions are sustainable and meaningful – that we not only improve business results, but also contribute to the creation of more motivated, capable and engaged teams.

Why should you use us?

We are a team of strategists and creatives who work together to find what makes your project connect with your target audience and create measurable results. We challenge traditional education solutions by integrating technology, education, microlearning, diversity and inclusion, experiences, communication, content, physical and digital behavioral design, and social media.

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Tereza Kennedy Olsen

CEO, Founder and Head of Learning

With a strong belief in challenging conventions and an eye for unique perspectives, Tereza Kennedy leads Atom Collab towards its vision of democratizing learning. Always keeping business goals and the employee experience in sharp focus, she uses her extensive knowledge of communications and media to drive innovation in learning and development.

Louise Papuciu

Founder, Head of Creative

As our Business Manager and co-owner, Louise Papuciu combines her extensive experience in project management and area management with her passion for technology and creativity to create customized solutions for our customers. With her multifaceted talents, she will never stop looking until the perfect solution is in place.

Eva Åhfeldt Brådhe

Business Development Officer and Diversity and Inclusion Specialist