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Transforming learning culture: ICA's #growatica success story

In a world where continuous learning is crucial to success, ICA Gruppen and Atom jointly set an ambitious goal: to create a learning culture that permeates the organization. Together we created #growatica, a digital platform for learning, which today is a valued part of ICA Gruppen.

Hanna Schultz from ICA Gruppen describes the collaboration with Atom: “Atom is a curious partner who likes to develop new things in a flexible way. Together we challenged the possibility of creating digital learning in SharePoint, which became the basis for #growatica, an appreciated digital place for learning with us.” By offering a learning platform that is close to everyday activities, we gave employees the opportunity to start living the culture right away.


From strategy to action: Creating a movement for learning

The big problem we faced was to move from simply discussing a learning strategy to really engaging people in learning every day and creating a culture around it. By offering concrete tools and creating a digital platform, we took the step from theory to practice.


Enabling learning in everyday life: creating a learning culture

Our mission was clear: inspire employees to learn every day and create a learning culture within the organization. By designing a digital platform in SharePoint, we created a space where employees could engage in daily learning.


Success through Innovation: An award-winning learning strategy

The impact of the project was extensive, both internally and externally. The platform reached a large number of users and contributed to a significant cultural change. Thanks to its innovative approach, ICA Learning Strategy won the 2019 Human Growth Awards ‘Best HR Team’.